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How To Master And Succeed With An AI Content Marketing Strategy

Published November 3, 2023
/ Updated April 29, 2024

Kick your marketing into high gear with extensive research, top-notch customer service, and fresh content that’ll wow your audience.

Let’s talk about how AI can drive home engagement and be the push your content marketing needs.

What Is An AI Content Marketing Strategy?

AI Content Marketing Strategy: The combination of AI (artificial intelligence) and marketing strategy aiming to engage and convert a target audience.

Don’t just meet your marketing standards; exceed them. Implement an AI content marketing strategy to increase efficiency, boost engagement, and drive major growth.

With the inclusion of AI, marketers produce more high-quality content, speed up publishing dates, and expand their reach at a lower cost.

See how to merge AI into your content marketing strategy today so you can experience influential content marketing tomorrow.

The Importance Of AI In Content Marketing

Think of AI as supercharging all of your current content marketing efforts. By including AI in your content marketing strategy, you can reach a wider audience with a stronger chance to convert. AI allows marketers to create more personalized, relevant, and engaging content.

You can also use AI to automate internal tasks for your marketing. Automate tasks like:

  • Social media posts.
  • Email responses, signatures, and sorting.
  • Customer support.
  • Data entry.

With AI, you can track your team’s performance almost instantly. AI can offer results in real time so marketers can better understand their audience for improved results in the future.

Fuse AI with your content marketing, and you’ll be unstoppable.

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Best Practices For AI In Content Marketing

Learn how to use AI tools to the best of your advantage. These quick tips are ways to optimize your content marketing with AI by your side.

Generate Ideas & Inspiration

Brainstorm with AI to generate ideas and spark inspiration. AI can help untangle writer’s block and get your creative juices flowing. Breakthrough to fresher ideas and allow AI to be your best lead yet.

Ideanote is a useful tool to help users generate content and inspiration. Consider Ideanote’s AI Generator as a robot that has read the entire internet. It’s there to answer questions, develop content, and get your creative juices flowing.

Improve Your Research

With AI, you can easily fact-check for knowledge gaps and possible mistakes.

A great tool to begin refining your content and improving your research is Copy.ai. This generative AI helps create, review, and perfect your content. With Copy.ai you can be sure you’re producing high-quality content that wows your audience.

Personalize Content

As a marketer, it’s essential for your audience to feel heard. To feel seen. AI can tap into user behavior and history, personalizing your content specific to any user.

With AI, you can literally publish content that is made for your audience.

Take Jasper, for example. Their AI marketing copilot ensures your content is personal, relatable, and effective. Users can teach Jasper.ai, so it creates content that resonates with your brand and aligns with your writing style.

Enhance SEO

Ever feel like no matter what you do, your content just doesn’t rank higher?

AI can improve the readability of your content, which will boost your ranking in searches. With a true method to the madness, your content is backed with data that climbs the ranks.

Zupyak is an AI SEO tool that helps users create content that gets results. Using AI, Zupyak conducts SEO research and content creation, so you don’t have to. Now you can feel confident in your rankings while saving on cost.


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Powerful Ways To Include AI In Your Content Marketing Strategy

Reading about how AI enhances marketing is great, but learning how to actually include that in your marketing is even better. Here are concrete ways to implement AI into your marketing strategy to bulletproof your content.

Use AI To Create New Content

Need help when trying to think of new content? Allow AI to provide a fresh perspective and a new approach. Prompt AI with your question, or better yet, give AI some background to what you’re looking for, and voila!  AI will report back with ideas to reinvent your content.

Lays used AI to create unique content by allowing users to make personalized videos with Lionel Messi. With the use of AI, users could include their names and photos in the video.

The result: People received a personalized video from Lionel Messi, and Lays successfully leveraged AI in their marketing strategy.

Have AI Conduct Your Research

Implement AI by using it to enhance your research. AI can dive deeper than any search conducted by a human. It can scan thousands of websites, gather information, and pass it on to you in a matter of seconds. AI can even piece together patterns and trends so your content stands out.

AI transforms your research, making it more thorough and faster than ever.

Take it from GumGum. They harnessed AI to conduct a deep dive into their research. They ran a study to see where their audience digests the most advertisements. Based on their findings, they marketed there and saw insane engagement.

Enhance Customer Service

Take your customer service to the next level with AI by your side. Perhaps the biggest way AI can help customer service is their 24/7 attendance. Once your team leaves for the day, AI can sub in for customers if they have questions or need assistance after hours. AI Chatbots are on alert 24/7 for users. They respond in seconds, directing and informing customers around the clock.

AI can also improve customer service by making proactive recommendations to users. Based on predictive insights, AI can make customers feel like their experience is truly tailored to them.

For example, Hungryroot uses AI and predictive technology to auto-fill most of its customers’ grocery lists. AI also helps to offer recipes based on their preferences and shopping habits.

Now, that’s how to amp up your customer service.

Learn How To Confront & Resolve Potential Barriers

Although AI can enhance your content marketing strategy, there are a few things to consider while implementing it. Let’s go over common challenges with AI and content marketing and how to overcome them.

High-Quality Data

Consider data as the lifeblood of AI. The data you offer AI helps it learn, adapt, and make decisions. The more relevant and organized the data you offer AI, the more accurate AI can be with your results.

Common Problem

AI runs best off of high-quality data to provide you with impactful results. If AI is fed data of poor quality, so are your results.

How To Overcome

To ensure AI comes up with accurate results, frequently update data sets and continue to choose credible, highly trusted tools. This way, your data is free of error or irrelevance, and AI won’t have trouble analyzing it.

Training Your AI

Training is crucial when it comes to machine learning. Test out a series of prompts to see which ones result in better results. You can also gauge exactly how much information AI can handle at one time. Once you gather this information from AI, you can move forward with no implications.

Common Problem

In a perfect world, AI could seamlessly integrate with marketing. Unfortunately, including AI in your content marketing may cause some friction. Not only do you need to teach your team how to adapt to use AI, but teach AI how to adapt to your marketing efforts.

How To Overcome

To make this merge smoother, conduct trials with AI. Test out prompts to see which gets you a better response and track the performance.

Once you get more familiar with the functions, you can perfect the process, so AI’s responses are exactly what you need.

Get a headstart on your marketing by training and priming your AI.

Interpretation Skills

AI does its best to provide you with the necessary information, but that doesn’t always mean it will. By taking the time to go through different styles, phrases, and angles with AI, you can flush out the less effective responses and pursue the ones that work.

Common Problem

There may be times when AI may not interpret what you want correctly and, in turn, provides useless information to you.

How To Overcome

It may take time for AI to get used to your marketing style. Keep working with AI, try different prompts, angles, or tones until you find the sweet spot that gives you the output you need.

Pro Tip: Be as specific as possible— the more direction and description, the better the response.

The Future Of AI in Content Marketing

AI is predicted to keep making waves in content marketing. Here are a few trends to look out for and consider if they could benefit your brand.

Focus On Voice-Search Optimization

With the rise of Alexa, Google Home, and Amazon Echo, it’s important for your content not to get overlooked by voice searches. Optimize your content so that voice searches still pull up your amazing work.

Take it from Honeywell. They created Honeywell Voice, a voice-picking system that allows mobile workers to work more efficiently. They can check orders and find what customers need hands-free.

Express Marketing Through Virtual-Reality

Tap into a whole new world (literally) and create a buzz through virtual reality. Studies and research show and support that brands can reach their audience and tell their story through strong engagement in virtual reality.

A great example of using virtual reality to enhance customer engagement comes straight from Ikea. They introduced a virtual reality showroom, allowing users to see what items they would like before purchasing.

Improve Predictions

AI has come a long way and can even predict the future accurately according to past data. It can predict future trends and encourages marketers to stay on top of them and ahead of the curve.

Amazon hopped on the wave and created Amazon Go. This AI-powered site takes customer’s past purchases and predicts items they would like to buy. This saves customers time and proves their attention to detail.

Use Of Chatbots

AI chatbots are software applications that communicate and respond to users in a conversational tone. They offer the connection and personal touch of a human can answer questions and can help users in the blink of an eye. AI chatbots enhance customer service while chopping the time to do so in half.

H&M’s chatbot “Kik” is one of many brands incorporating AI chatbots. It helps direct customers to clothing items they want and also provides style tips!