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Explore The AI Marketing Benefits That Will Magnify Your Growth

Published October 30, 2023
/ Updated April 24, 2024

In its simplest form, AI marketing uses artificial intelligence to enhance anything that impacts your marketing and content marketing. AI marketing benefits include predicting future trends, anticipating product development, and enriching customer experiences. Take your marketing to a new level and let AI do the heavy lifting for you.

AI Marketing Benefits: According To The Experts

Take it from the pros. Discover tips and advice from expert marketers on successfully utilizing AI software in their marketing efforts. On top of that, gain insights from industry leaders on AI’s role in marketing.

Neil Patel Reveals High Usage Of AI In Digital Marketing

Neil Patel supports the power AI brings to the marketing world, (and how it’s improving everyday), but reassures marketers that AI is unable to fully replace humans. Within his article, explore data from his survey of 1,000 marketers in the U.S and their feelings towards AI.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI has expanded to include tasks such as content creation, targeted advertising, and image recognition.
  • Based on research, most people would say their skillset around AI technology was somewhat knowledgeable or below.
  • Most people that have already implemented AI in their digital marketing use it for partial and/or whole content.

Marcus Meierer Shares Why AI Benefits Marketing

Industry expert Marcus Meirer explains that marketing has shifted to become more data driven, pushing the focus on AI techniques that support decision making. Meirer reveals that marketing activities rely on tailoring the experience to the customer, which AI can help with. Providing marketers to adapt offers in real time, proves AI is changing the game.

Key Takeaways:

  • Two main drives for AI technology: personalization of products and marketing accountability.
  • AI succeeds in marketing because of its scale and speed at which it can process large amounts of information.
  • Marketers equipped with AI can accurately determine what customers want and improve customer experience faster.

Ryan Buckley Predicts Bright Future For AI In Marketing

CEO of Scripted, Ryan Buckley reveals his prediction for AI to flourish in the marketing world for years to come. Although Buckley holds a positive outlook for AI, he doesn’t neglect to shine a light on potential implications of AI in marketing. Buckley then reveals his own usage of AI and reports drastic improvement in his marketing efforts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Buckley uses AI to process millions of data points, such as editor feedback and grammar checks.
  • He believes that there is a very real possibility for a machine learning company to surface in the mere 5-10 years based on AI’s progress.
  • After implementing AI into his marketing approach, he immediately saw a significant increase in customer retention.

8 Pivotal AI Marketing Benefits

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of AI in marketing. The benefits we’re going to discuss are just the starting point of what AI can offer. Creating new ideas faster, filtering customers, and improving productivity is just the surface.  They form the pillars of AI and are constantly changing the way we perceive and execute marketing strategies.

1. Improve Productivity

AI has the ability to perform repetitive tasks, like data entry and analysis. Time consuming tasks can be done in seconds, freeing your team to do more complex work.

Here’s an example of how Intercom improves productivity by using automated messages, using their chatbot, “Fin”. Intercom’s chatbot provides full support to customers answering any question or concern with ease.

2. Seamlessly Filter Consumers

Another way to implement AI into your marketing strategy is to filter your customers using micro-segmentation. Micro-segmentation is when AI takes into account a customer’s data, content relevance, and timing to perfectly target a niche group of your audience. AI learns more about them as a consumer, so you can produce tailor-made products for each and every customer.

This example from Amazon proves their confidence in micro-segmentation by being able to predict what their customer will order before they do. With their anticipatory shipping they have understood their consumer to a tee and know them better than they know themselves!

3. Increase ROI

With AI powered marketing tools, you can reduce expenses and improve revenue generation. These AI tools provide marketers with valuable insight and data-driven recommendations to make informed decisions, leading to increased ROI. Businesses can save time and money on automated campaigns which would have otherwise been conducted manually.

As part of LinkedIn’s marketing solutions, they introduced the power to create dynamic ads as well as automated campaigns. AI takes some of the pressure off of manually developing a campaign and frees the space and time for effort elsewhere.

4. Gain Access To More Data Faster

AI has the ability to conduct deeper searches in seconds. It can also scan data while a campaign is running, so you can track and analyze the results in real time!

Under Armour uses AI to dive deeper, collecting more information about their clients. They are able to collect health progress as well as track their physical activity.

5. Reduce Errors

Say goodbye to excessive manual entering, leading to silly mistakes and complications. AI is equipped to catch and fix any issues with messages or products, relieving your team of defects.

Suntory PepsiCo, harnessed the power of AI to analyze their assembly and learn how to catch implications. An AI powered bot has the ability to dismiss any items below standard without stopping the assembly line.

6. Apply Personalized Features

Create personalized content to better understand your audience and target them more accurately. Anything to make their experience personal and unique to your consumers is personalization at work, and not to mention build strong rapport for your customers.

Look at Apple’s personalized features that keep their customers coming back for more. Apple continues to produce increasingly personalized content such as FaceID, personalized lock screens and widgets, as well as customer’s own animojis.

7. Accurately Track Results

With AI you gain access to advanced measurements and analyses. No more following tracks to a dead end. You’ll be able to backtrack past wins and losses to pinpoint where your marketing goes from there.

Here’s an example of how Amazon upped their game with AI. They successfully used AI to track results and use those results for analysis to improve their products and overall performance.

8. Generate Fresh Ideas Quicker

Use AI to overcome and conquer any creative blocks you may run into. If your marketing team ever feels stuck, turn to AI for new leads. In return, you’ll get a handful of brand new ways to revamp your marketing.

Introducing Quillbot, a text-to-speech app from Amazon that can generate content, blog posts, and articles at the snap of your fingers. Leaving you with brand new content fast.

Another example of using AI for idea generation is Headline AI, a feature within Headline Studio. Headline AI allows you to create click-worthy headlines in seconds. Gain access to powerful AI prompts, while beating your writer’s block.

5 Ways Businesses Use AI To Benefit Their Marketing

Let’s take a look at some real life examples of how people have successfully used AI’s marketing benefits in their own strategy.

1. Sephora: Visual Artist

Sephora made perfect use of AI for their Visual Artist launch. Their integration of AI allows customers to use facial recognition and access virtual step-by-step tutorials to enhance their experience. The app simply scans a face, and detects eyes, lips, cheeks, and nose. It can apply any shade of lipstick or eyeshadow, all the way to completing an entire look, all within the comfort of their own home. Sephora is giving their customers a way to find their favorite products without the hassle, thanks to AI.

2. Heinz: AI Ketchup

Heinz had the genius idea of asking AI what it thought ketchup looked like. Not so much to their surprise, it looked a lot like their brand, Heinz. “It turns out that just like humans, A.I. prefers Heinz.” They launched the campaign, Heinz: A.I. Ketchup, and begged the question to their customers to come up with their own prompts for AI. You’ll see customers had a lot of fun with this one. For Heinz, AI served as a fun way for customers to get engaged and submit their own versions of ketchup!

3. Buzzfeed: Personalized Quizzes

Buzzfeed is notorious for their online quizzes, but they have stepped up their game with the use of AI. Introducing their personalized quizzes that use the power of AI to generate the ultimate quiz unique to you! It provides infinite results, earning the title, “quiz of the future” quite easily. By incorporating AI into their outreach, they were able to target their customers more accurately. This allows them to enhance customer relationships, and give them the opportunity to learn more about themselves.

4. Lowes: LoweBot

Lowes has their own way of including AI into their customer experience, by creating the LoweBot. This robot can be found throughout the store, helping customers find items in multiple languages and assists with managing inventory. This AI powered bot has the ability to track heavy traffic areas, sense low inventory and proactively refill said inventory. AI has allowed Lowe’s to relieve their workers to help their customers with more hands-on issues and ultimately provides their customers with fulfilled experiences.

5. Rare Carat: “Rocky” The Chatbot

Rare Carat, a company that examines diamonds and helps customers get the best deal they can, has now introduced “Rocky” the chatbot. Rocky provides service to customers just like they would in store. He guides them through their search and purchasing experience with unbiased transparency. This AI powered chatbot offers tips, suggestions, and aims to get them the best deal on diamonds. With their AI bot there for 24 hour attention to customers, they receive a warm, customer experience, (and find the perfect diamond).