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12 AI Marketing Tools To Elevate Your Marketing Efforts In 2023

Published August 25, 2023
/ Updated April 24, 2024

Spending less time and effort on marketing tasks is a dream for every marketer. Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) marketing tools can help realize part of that dream.

Whether it’s content writing, website building, photo editing, or something else, there’s an AI tool somewhere that can help you out.

In this article, we’ll show you some of the best AI marketing tools and how you can utilize them to reach your marketing goals.

Let’s begin.

What Are AI Marketing Tools?

AI Marketing Tools

AI marketing tools are software programs and platforms that use artificial intelligence to improve and streamline marketing efforts.

These tools typically analyze a ton of data using algorithms like machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing.

In addition to your existing marketing tools stack, AI marketing tools can help you continue to provide improved customer experiences and beat your competition.

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Benefits Of Using AI Marketing Tools

Here are 4 of our favorite reasons why you should use AI marketing tools:

To Improve Customer Engagement

AI marketing tools make fostering and measuring customer engagement easy so you can find out what’s working.

You’ll also be able to get more insight into your customer behavior to know how to improve their experience with your company.

To Save Time & Money

Most AI tools provide output way faster than humans while costing only a fraction. This means companies would end up spending less while getting more work done.

To Optimize Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns are only effective if they target the right people. With AI tools, marketers can create super-personalized or detailed campaigns that get the right content in front of the right people.

To Increase Productivity

Marketers no longer need to worry about the many repetitive and challenging tasks that AI marketing tools can handle. Instead, they’ll use the freed-up time and energy to focus on responsibilities that depend on human input.

What To Consider When Choosing AI Marketing Tools

Not all AI marketing tools are the same. Neither are your organization’s needs. As such, you should take the time to consider your needs, as regards your marketing strategy, before choosing an AI tool.

Here are some of what to consider when choosing:


Examining how much an AI marketing tool costs and whether it fits your budget is crucial. If you have a tight budget, we recommend picking the most valuable AI tools you need and letting go of the rest.

Overlapping Uses

Some AI marketing tools have overlapping uses, for instance, content writing. Having multiple tools with the same uses in your tool stack would be a poor business decision.

You should avoid overlaps because they may confuse your workflow, as some employees might start using different tools for a particular task instead of using the same tool.

Users Who Need Access

You should consider choosing a tool that allows you to set different access levels depending on a person’s role in your team or organization.

Ease Of Use

People want to spend as little time as possible learning how to use an AI marketing tool. So before you choose, consider how easy it is to use a tool and how well it works with your current workflow.

That way, team members can quickly hit the ground running and generate results.

AI Marketing Tools

1. CoSchedule Hire Mia

hire mia by coschedule is a collaborative ai editor.

Introducing your very own AI assistant; Mia! Enhance every stage of your marketing process from research and SEO to social media and campaigns. The sky is the limit when you combine your work with Hire Mia’s expertise, see what you can accomplish with Hire Mia!


Starting at 0 dollars any user can dive into generative AI writing tools. From there, users can scale up and choose from plans such as:

  • Creator: $12/month
  • Professional: $29/month
  • Business: Talk to sales
  • Company : Talk to sales

2. Jasper AI (Content Writing)

Jasper AI is an AI marketing tool that helps companies create marketing content and messages like articles, social media captions, product descriptions, blog post titles, etc.

The tool has features allowing you to model any content created after your brand voice and turn it into a campaign.


Jasper AI’s pricing starts at $39/month for the Creator Plan, $99/month for the Teams plan, and custom pricing for the Business plan.

3. Grammarly (Content Writing & Editing)

Grammarly is an AI writing assistant that helps marketers create error-free content. You can use Grammarly whether you’re writing on Docs, email, social media, or other places online.

Aside from catching errors, Grammarly can also help you adjust the style and tone of your writing.

In addition, this tool has generative AI features that provide written content based on the prompts you provide.


There’s a free Grammarly plan. The Premium plan starts at $12/month per user, and the Business plan costs $15/month per user.

4. Zapier (Workflow Automation)

Zapier is a simple no-code automation tool that allows you to automate workflows and streamline your work processes.

With this tool, you get to save time as it currently supports over 5000 app connections and integrations.

You can also use Zapier’s AI to build custom chatbots, sort data on spreadsheets, and identify issues in your workflow.


Zapier has a free version where you can create 100 tasks per month. The paid plans start with the Starter plan at $19.99/month; the Professional plan at $49/month; the Team plan at $69/month; and the Company plan at $99/month.

5. Manychat (Chatbot)

Manychat is an interactive chatbot brands use to reach their audience through Instagram DMs, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or SMS.

Manychat allows you to engage your customers at different stages of their customer journey and helps you drive more sales with personalized experiences.

To help you, Manychat has a library of chatbot use cases.


Manychat starts with a free tier, followed by the Pro plan, which costs $15/hour. For the Premium plan, you’ll need to contact the company directly.

6. SurferSEO (SEO Optimization)

SurferSEO is a content management tool that allows you to create and optimize blog posts or articles.

The tool handles everything from research to optimization and only requires you to hit the “publish” button.

Other features include brief creation and plagiarism checker.


SurferSEO’s Essential plan costs $69/month; the Advanced plan costs $149/month; the Max plan costs $249/month; and the Enterprise plan has custom pricing. You’ll need to have an active plan before you can use Surfer AI.

7. Headlime (Copywriting)

Headlime is an AI marketing tool for writing website and landing page copy that converts. Marketers, business owners, developers, and folks from various industries will find this tool helpful.

Headlime has over 1700 ready-to-use website templates designed to help you generate more leads and sales.


Headlime costs $59/month for the Individual plan and starts at $399/month with three members for the Business plan.

8. Marketmuse (Content Strategy)

Creating a content strategy can be quite a chore — however, with Marketmuse, it becomes much easier.

Marketmuse is designed to offer personalized insights that help you prioritize content that’ll generate the best results for you.

The tool includes competitive content analysis, keyword research, content planning, brief generator, etc.


There’s a free Marketmuse plan. The Standard plan starts at $149/month, the Team plan at $399/month, and custom pricing for the Premium plan.

9. Browse AI (Data Extraction & Monitoring)

Browse AI is an AI tool that extracts data from a website, monitors changes to a website, and turns any website into an API.

It’s simple to use as it has only a 2-minute setup time and requires zero coding knowledge.


You can use Browse AI for free with limited features. For the paid plans, the Starter plan costs $19/month, the Professional plan costs $99/month, and the Team plan costs $249/month.

10. PhotoRoom (Photo Editing)

PhotoRoom is an AI tool with many features that allow you to edit photos.

With PhotoRoom, you can remove backgrounds from images, resize images, blur backgrounds, add text to a photo, etc.

This tool is handy for e-commerce business owners.


PhotoRoom is free to use.

11. Otter AI (Text Transcription)

Otter AI uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to develop speech-to-text transcription.

With Otter AI, you can quickly summarize your meetings and collaborate with other team members.

In addition, Otter AI’s live chat offers real-time answers and generates content (like follow-up emails) during and after a meeting.


Otter AI’s basic plan is free. The Pro plan costs $8.33/month, the Business plan costs $20/month, and you’d need to contact sales to get the pricing for the Enterprise plan.

12. Zendesk (Customer Service)

Zendesk AI helps marketers and business owners create personalized support for their customers.

This customer service AI detects customer intent when they make a request, solves these requests if it can, and reaches out to a human agent if it can’t.


The Basic plan starts at $19/month; the Suite Team plan costs $55/month; the Suite Growth plan costs $89/month; the Suite Professional plan costs $115/month. You can get the pricing for the Suite Enterprise plan when you contact the sales team.

13. Zyro (Website Building)

Zyro offers a suite of AI-powered tools that help you set up and run a successful e-commerce business.

These tools include a website builder, logo maker, online store, business email, landing page builder, etc.


Zyro has two plans — the Website plan, which costs $2.59/month, and the Business plan, which costs $3.59/month.

It’s no news that AI is shaking up many industries. Instead of being afraid of it, you must make the most of the many benefits that it can offer your business.

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The AI marketing tools in this list are an excellent place to start. But remember, the tools you decide to use should align with your marketing goals and needs if you want to experience the best results.