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Everything You Need To Create The Best AI Advertising Campaign

Published December 22, 2023
/ Updated March 22, 2024

Reinvent how you research, analyze, and optimize your advertising campaigns with the help of AI. Discover the powerful impact of AI and how it can transform the content you create and the results you receive.

Consider this your AI advertising campaign crash course. Here, you’ll find a complete overview of why AI is meant to be in your advertising campaign and discover simple yet effective ways to implement it.

What Does AI Mean For Advertising?

AI enables advanced targeting, personalization, and real-time optimization in advertising campaigns. It uses data analysis to tailor messages, delivering highly personalized ad content that increases engagement and conversion rates.

You can also use AI to optimize budget allocation and detect ad fraud, improving campaign efficiency and ROI. Additionally, AI provides valuable data-driven insights and 24/7 availability to increase advertising campaigns’ effectiveness and efficiency.

Why You Should Consider Using AI In Advertising Campaigns

It’s no wonder AI has taken the advertising industry by storm. Incorporating AI in advertising campaigns can significantly improve targeting precision, personalization, and campaign efficiency. AI can analyze data and reach the most responsive and relevant audiences. Continue to produce content for individual users and optimize ad performance in real-time, resulting in higher ROI.

With AI, you can automate tasks, provide valuable insights, and ensure your ad campaign stays competitive and compliant with ethical standards and regulations. In a data-driven marketing landscape, AI is an indispensable tool for achieving better results and staying ahead of the competition.

Your potential AI advertising campaign needs the following criteria to run effectively. These criteria work together to produce one seamless, incredibly effective advertising campaign.

Criteria for Creating The Best AI Advertising Campaigns

  • Predictive Analysis
  • Budget Allocation
  • Performance Metrics
  • Creative Content
  • Automation

Top-Performing AI Tools & Resources Built For Advertising Campaigns

These AI-based generative tools are the best in the biz and can be depended on to carry your AI advertising campaign from start to finish. These tools specialize in fusing AI and advertising campaigns so your work performs at its best.

Google Ads

Google Ads, an online advertising platform, has teamed up with AI to give advertisers the tools to get high rankings, increase audiences, and enhance ROI. Google Ads assists users in constructing their own AI advertising campaign step-by-step.

Plan, develop, and publish your campaign through Google Ads, and continue receiving insight as your ad climbs the ranks.


Taboola amplifies your outreach as soon as your content goes live. Backed with AI’s algorithm, it targets clicks, traffic, and conversions to your content. Through AI’s expert eyes, Taboola recommends your content to the most receptive and relevant audiences.

Use Taboola’s tools to create, target, budget, and launch your campaign. It does it all!


With the support of AI, SurferSEO supports your content through research, writing, and optimization so it can rank at the top of its game. Designed to use AI to help users write content that ranks high in Google searches, the dynamic duo of AI and a winning SEO strategy boosts organic traffic. Increase visibility and improve your rank.


Frase.io doubles as an intelligent automation and content optimization tool, upgrading your work with AI from beginning research to final optimization. AI will aid in generating powerful content that incorporates background information and facts, while SEO research will help create outlines and optimize content.

Easy Ways To Use AI In Advertising Campaigns

AI is highly versatile, having the ability to complete a variety of tasks. Within your advertising campaign, evaluate where AI could be of the most help to you. Review some of these ways where AI can supercharge your efforts.

Programmatic Advertising

Instead of manually buying advertising space, switch to programmatic advertising. Automate this process and allow AI to buy and sell ad inventory. AI enables real-time bidding and optimization, improving ad placements and performance.

A great example of effective programmatic advertising comes straight from Kellogg’s (a.k.a Kellanova). Kellogg’s used Google’s Doubleclick Bid Manager to consistently reach their consumer and stay ahead of changing consumer behavior.

After trying programmatic buying, Kellogg’s saw an increase in viewability and enhanced targeting by 2-3x.

Ad Scheduling & Placement

Discover the optimal times to schedule your content using AI to determine when your target audience is active and listening.

AI not only helps specify scheduling, but it can also help determine and place your content correctly. AI assists in choosing the best fit for your content, dependent on user behavior and past data.

See how MRP Easy offers ad scheduling and placement to their users with their production planning resources. They provide accurate automatic planning and an effective and realistic production schedule tailored to your needs.

Within this resource, you can also reschedule by simply dragging and dropping operations right in your calendar.

Ad Creatives

Kick your creative content up a notch with help from AI’s predictive power. AI can anticipate user behavior, such as which ad elements will be more favorable. These predictions help you create hyper-specific content that resonates with your audience and converts.

KitKat brought the heat with an insanely creative ad to remind their customers to always make time for a #KitKatbreak. Here, they created a fake jam-packed schedule full of Zoom calls but made time for a sweet treat from KitKat.

Voice Search Optimization

Vocalized searches are becoming increasingly popular, with 27% of smartphone users preferring to use voice commands in their searches. Get with the trend, and use AI to optimize strategies for voice search. AI-based natural language processing tools understand and respond to voice queries quickly and effectively.

A great tool to assist you in voice search optimization is AnswerThePublic. Neil Patel, a leader in the digital marketing industry, has introduced AnswerThePublic, a tool that provides core keywords for any search.

Doing so helps you enhance your voice search optimization by predicting how people will phrase their questions and inquiries.

Dynamic Pricing

With machine learning, AI can stay up to date on accurate pricing. AI analyzes historical and real-time data to comprehend demand patterns and price changes. While AI adjusts prices accordingly, you can be sure your current price is hitting maximum revenue and remaining relevant.

One tool that has mastered dynamic pricing is Prisnyc. This dynamic pricing software enhances price positioning by automatically making adjustments based on cost and competitor price settings.

Have prices set automatically to improve profit margins and stay ahead of competition despite uncertainty.

Successful Examples Of AI Advertising Campaigns

See how real companies developed winning AI advertising campaigns and how their results broke records.

Meta Enhances AI Innovation

One great example of how Meta has implemented AI into their advertising campaign is their announcement of their AI sandbox. They aim to determine which tools work best for advertisers and make them easy to use. Meta is building tools such as text variation, background generation, and image outcropping.

Enhancing these tools can make an ad’s text more engaging and allow advertisers to use AI to save time and create more.

Coca-Cola Holds AI Contest

Considering Coca-Cola has been in the advertising game for as long as they have, it’s no surprise they got the jump on AI. Coca-Cola announced the “Create Real Magic” contest, where users were encouraged to use AI ad creatives to create their own unique work of art, all of which were published on Coca-Cola’s site, getting customers excited to participate and engage.

With the “Create Real Magic” initiative, Coca-Cola harnessed the opportunity for their users to harness the power of AI.

ClickUp Paired With SurferSEO

ClickUp is a well-established blog with over 500+ pieces, but they wanted to reach new heights by improving the quantity and quality of their output.

With the use of AI, specifically the help of SurferSEO, they were able to grow traffic by 85%. ClickUp could now pinpoint core keywords, create more impactful content briefs, and gain insight into data-backed results.

Nutella Revamps Their Look With AI

An incredibly successful way Nutella implemented AI into their advertising campaign was by asking AI to generate 7 million unique labels of Nutella to be sold. They asked AI, and AI delivered. No two jars of Nutella were the same.

Through AI, Nutella was able to offer their customers a unique experience by purchasing their very own one-of-a-kind Nutella jar.