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We can show you how to organize all your marketing in one place by the end of today (probably right now) ðŸ‘‹

Get *Even More* Organized With The New Calendar Experience [New Feature]


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New Feature: Get Even More Organized With the New Calendar Experience

As the #1 marketing calendar for everything you need organized…

Your NEW calendar refresh highlights some of the best (and nerdiest) CoSchedule features.

From color filters that really pop (and help you to tell everything apart easier than ever before)…

…to social message preview AND autosave on (every piece of content)….

Getting you even more organized is what this NEW calendar refresh is all about.


Let’s explore those deets, shall we?

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1. Simplify Your Team’s Workflow!

Every project and piece of content stands out even more with CoSchedule’s NEW calendar refresh.

Easily track down your content, see what’s completed (and what’s not), and manage an entire project right from your main calendar view.

Simplify your workflow with color coding

You can use colors to track content for specific projects, phases of project completion, and a whole lot more. The new calendar experience makes it easier than ever to see everything your team is working on in one place.

Content Types also help you distinguish the kinds of projects your team is taking on. And now you can easily see when certain projects will be publishing at a glance with icons showing right in your calendar view.


Plus, you’ll easily track progress by quickly seeing your percentage to project completion.

And now you can see when your projects are in Draft or Pending Review with an easily scannable yellow mark around the time of publish.

Find drafts on the calendar with yellow markers

That yellow mark indicates your content is not yet scheduled to publish.

So you’ll never forget to publish again! When you see something is 100% ready but not scheduled, you can easily check it out and schedule it to be published.

2. Get A Preview of EVERY Social Message

Sometimes you need to review your social messages fast. With your NEW calendar refresh, you can now preview every social message (without ever leaving your main calendar view).

Get a Preview of Every Social Message

Easily review your entire posting schedule in one place. And if you’d like to narrow your scope of view, simply filter to see a specific social account (and beyond) to review your posting schedule for the day, week, or even months to stay completely organized.

ReQueue messages appear in green

Quickly review everything without leaving your main calendar. You’ll even see your ReQueue messages automagically filling in the gaps of your posting schedule (which is available as an add-on and included on all Team Pro and Enterprise plans).

3. Auto-Save. Every. Single. Edit.

Technology is fun.

Especially when you spend two hours putting together a piece of content, jump to another browser, and FORGET to save

……(queue sickening stomach drop)

Thankfully, CoSchedule’s got your covered.

As part of the new calendar refresh, every piece of content NOW comes with auto-save :)

This means we’re constantly saving your content, even when you’re too busy to hit SAVE yourself. It’s like having your own marketing angel – always there when you need ‘em.

***Watch the “close” button in the RIGHT hand corner***


The WHY behind your NEW Calendar Refresh

You’ve hired us to get you organized. And we’re here to streamline your calendar, give you the freedom to organize what matters to you, and empower you with the tools to execute FASTER.

Last November, we refreshed your Content Editor experience.

Today, you’ve got a NEW calendar view.

And coming very soon, we’ll be launching an even bigger feature…Marketing Projects!

Here’s a quick preview:

Coming Soon: Marketing Projects

Marketing Projects (coming soon to all Team Pro plans) is organization on steroids!

AND let’s be honest, your marketing projects rarely fit into one nice, neat package.

With so many moving parts; social campaigns, blog posts, emails, webinars, etc — keeping it all organized can be tricky.

Which is why we’re building Marketing Projects, so you can stay sane, and keep your entire operation (team resources, timelines, tasks, pieces of content, and more) all in one place

And now (for all the skimmers in the room) here’s your NEW calendar refresh cliff notes:

  • Your content stands out EVEN more with color filtering and Content Types, so you can find projects quickly and get a bird’s eye view of your entire calendar.
  • Instantly preview every social message without leaving the main calendar, so you can review what’s going out today, this week, even this month without having to click into every piece of content.
  • Auto save. every. single. edit. Never worry about losing your hard work! CoSchedule is NOW saving your content; every edit, every time.



"CoSchedule has allowed us to plan and stay ahead 8-12 weeks. It's the best thing we've done to get ahead of ourselves; especially with so many last minute projects popping up."

Lee Hersh, Founder of Fit Foodie Finds
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