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Introducing Your All-In-One Marketing Calendar [New Features] 70

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As a marketer, you want to be able to plan all of your content in one place, manage your workflow for a project with one tool, and create content the way you’re used to without messing with copy and paste (because dealing with formatting issues sucks).

We listened to your feedback to build the editorial calendar you needed.

What you wanted:

  • A fluid workflow
  • Managing and planning content outside of WordPress
  • Integration with more tools like Google Docs

We delivered.

Introducing The All-In-One Marketing Calendar

CoSchedule was, and will always be, your blog and social media editorial calendar, and now it’s your marketing calendar of record.


Working on an email marketing campaign or e-newsletter? Planning images for Pinterest or Instagram? Have a podcast or video blog?

To do all of this, you need a few awesome features:

Feature 1: A beautiful editing experience.


  • A whole new experience with editing content. It’s easy and intuitive.
  • Easily add, drag, and drop content like video, images, and other files anywhere in your text.
  • Distraction-free writing mode? Don’t worry, it’s coming soon!

Maybe your team is working on an e-book, podcast, or video. Now you’ll work on these projects in CoSchedule using the workflow you’ve already built in your calendar.

This brand new editor is available for every CoSchedule user. Starting now.

Feature 2: Export your content to use it anywhere.


  • Download as HTML
  • Download as PDF
  • Want it as a Word doc? That’s coming your way soon.

Let’s say you create a killer guest post. Now you can send a link to your blog editor, and they can simply download your post to HTML or PDF.

Starting today, this is available for every CoSchedule user!

Feature 3: Make magic with Google Docs.


Yes, you heard that right! We’re connecting CoSchedule’s workflow with Google Docs.

  • Create your content in Google Docs and connect it to CoSchedule, and go back to editing in just one click.
  • Use your Google Docs and connect your CoSchedule workflow.
  • Keep your writers happy. Writers love working Google Docs, and you love working in CoSchedule. Now you both get what you need to create awesome content together!

Say you’re working on an e-book. Your writers will create the content in Google Docs and connect it directly to CoSchedule. Your team will be able to upload images and graphics, and communicate through CoSchedule. When your editor needs to add in the graphics or your writer needs to write more, they can continue working in Google Docs with one easy click.

All of you Marketing and Enterprise plan folks now have access to Google Docs with CoSchedule!

Oh, wait! There’s more! Use your social queue to promote all of your content, not just blog posts. You still have comments to communicate with your team. You still have tasks to hit every deadline. And you’ll save a ton of time while planning awesome content.

Enjoy. :)

What new content are you creating with CoSchedule?

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