Multi-Calendar Plans: Manage Every Client With CoSchedule

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Manage Every Client + Project In 1 Marketing Platform With Multi-Calendar [New Feature]

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New Feature: Manage Every Client + Project in One Marketing Platform

As a marketing agency, managing multiple clients used to be tough.

  • Client A used a Google Sheet for their marketing schedule. Bleh.
  • Client B used a clunky project management tool.
  • Client C used email. #nightmare

^ You get the picture.

Now that hassle, confusion, and time-suck of managing multiple clients’ marketing projects is over. You can finally organize every project from every client in one place.

And you’re doing it with multi-calendar, the newest feature in your most beloved marketing + social media project management tool, CoSchedule. :)

Let’s boost your marketing agency’s efficiency + effectiveness, shall we?

Organize Every Project From Every Client In 1 Place

Imagine a life without complex spreadsheets only you (or your clients) understand. What about ditching confusing email threads altogether?

Awww, the good life.

^ But it is totally possible.

CoSchedule has always been the #1 marketing calendar for everything you need organized. And now you can easily manage multiple clients in CoSchedule by giving each of them their own calendar.

Manage Multiple Clients in CoSchedule

That gives you, as the efficient marketing agency you are ;), one place to work on all of your clients’ projects.

Every CoSchedule calendar helps you plan + execute tons of different types of content and social media campaigns. So you can customize each client’s calendar for their specific needs.

Customize your client's calendar with colors and icons

That gives you incredible organizational power with a single login for you + a beautiful experience for your clients.

Simplify Your Team + Client Workflows And Collaboration

Process boosts efficiency. And many clients + projects have different requirements.

So use CoSchedule to easily customize your workflows for each client + project as much as you need. CoSchedule makes it easy to create a Task Template and save it to easily apply again later (which, let’s face it, saves you a ton of time on those repeat projects).

Customize Your Workflows for Each Client and Project

Plus, you can customize an unlimited amount of Task Templates for every client. That gives you complete control to delight every client.

Unlimited Task Templates for Complete Control

You’ll also ditch long email threads by attaching the communication to your projects in CoSchedule. That gives everyone working on a project the complete picture of your progress at a glance. (And that also means zero digging through a busy email inbox for updates.)

Communicate directly through CoSchedule with discussion comments.

All of this organization keeps your clients in the loop + keeps projects moving forward + helps you hit deadlines.

Project status helps you hit your deadlines and keep your clients in the loop.

Stay on track. Execute faster. Avoid the busywork.

Customize CoSchedule To Fit Your Clients’ Needs

Some of your clients may be building their following on Instagram. Others focus specifically on their WordPress blog. Others are huge fans of creating their content in Google Docs.

^ You can customize each of your clients’ experiences within their CoSchedule calendars. That makes CoSchedule your go-to source for starting any project.


And as your marketing agency grows (which, let’s be honest, you’re crushing it), CoSchedule scales with you.

CoSchedule Pricing

Improve Client Retention With Data-Driven Results

Prove the ROI of the work you do with real data everyone can understand!

You and your clients will see the success of every social media message you share.

Use real data to see what messages perform best.

And you’ll also see the success of your content as a whole.

Top Content Report page

When you scale to Multi-Calendar Plus or Pro plans, you’ll also see the results of your entire social media strategy in one place with your Social Engagement Report.

Social Engagement Report page

Easily show your clients your success to maintain long-term business for your marketing agency!

Organize Every Client With A Multi-Calendar Plan Today!

Manage everything in one place with CoSchedule. Many of the world’s best agency team are already using CoSchedule to boost their efficiency, like Don’t Panic Management, Vicinity Marketing, InsideOnline, Winning Edits, ColumnFive Media, and lots of others.

Start your 14-day free trial now.


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