Save Time And Feel More Organized With 4 NEW CoSchedule Updates

We can show you how to organize all your marketing in one place by the end of today (probably right now) 👋

[Product Update] Save Time AND Feel More Organized With 4 *NEW* Calendar Updates


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Product Update: Save Time and Feel More Organized With 4 New Calendar Updates

**Exciting announcement alert!**  

Your CoSchedule calendar got a legit overhaul. 😎

We’ve dropped a series of enhancements + improvements that are gonna help you get more done AND feel more organized.

In case you missed it…

  • Your projects no longer have LIMITS….meaning you can add as many files, related CoSchedule projects, and other attachments as you want.  
  • And projects will now have default settings (so you can get to work faster)! Add a unique description + set default attachments for each project type.  **Available on Growth Plans + Up**

What’s new this week!

  • Your orange sidebar moved to the top left corner for a more intuitive, minimalist experience…
  • Saved views are located in your orange sidebar for quick + easy access…
  • And your calendar joined the 21st century with a cool, NEW interface (cuz, let’s be honest…we’re all suckers for good design ❤️)

Get all the deets below.👇

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Keep All Your Files (No Limits) And Related Projects Together In One Place With *NEW* Project Attachments

Today’s the day to get your projects seriously organized.

With NEW attachments, your projects no longer have LIMITS.

Meaning you can add as many files, related CoSchedule projects, and other attachments to any project on your calendar. 🙌

Simply create (or open) a project on your calendar and click on the “+” sign under the editor.

Select the right attachment for your project.

And ta-da! Your desired attachment gets added in a handy list inside your project.

Prioritize attachments via drag and drop…

And even attach related CoSchedule projects – so they’re easier to access when you need them.

Now you never have to worry about tracking down another file in the abyss of your email inbox, Dropbox, Evernote, Google docs or discussions ever again.

Add them to your list so they’re right where your team needs them. Every time.

Jump Into Projects Faster With Custom Default Descriptions + Placeholder Attachments

Your Project Settings have also gotten an upgrade. (Available on all Growth, Pro, and Enterprise plans)

Now you can add custom descriptions to your project types.

Keeping new (and existing) team members on the same page when it comes to how, when, and why you use certain project types on the calendar.

Want to avoid manually adding the same attachments to your podcast or social promo project every single time?

Add default attachments to your recurring project types.

With default descriptions + project attachments, you can save tons of time on project setup while giving your team the context they need to get stuff done!

NEW, Modern Calendar Design

We cleaned up your calendar interface, tucked the sidebar up and to the left, and moved your new (improved saved views) …giving you a simple, more intuitive, and clutter-free workspace.

Here’s what your NEW design is gonna look like:

^Amazing, right?!

And even though we moved, your sidebar up and to the left…

… it’s still as easy to access as ever (and now includes your saved views!!)

And with less distractions in your way, you can get more done AND feel more organized.

Optimized Saved Views + Filtering

Instead of struggling through our old filter system (that was hard to use and cluttered up your calendar), now you can easily create + access customized views of your calendar right from your sidebar!

With the new update, you also can create *private* saved views.


That means you can create a personal view (for your eyes only).

All ya gotta do is keep this box (see below) unchecked when you create your saved view.

Never used saved views before? No problem! Here’s a link to a help doc with all the deets.

And with optimized saved views and better filtering…

You can always find what you need...right when you need it.

Here at CoSchedule, we know it’s the little things that matter most to you.

Especially when it comes to getting more done AND feeling more organized.

(Because, that’s what it’s all about right?!)

So if you ever have suggestions, ideas, or comments on how we can make CoSchedule better …

Submit them to

We’re here to listen. 😊

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