The Ultimate Guide To Create A Marketing Strategy That Will Skyrocket Your Results By 9,360%

How To Create A Marketing Strategy That Will

Skyrocket Your Results By 9,360%

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Tasked with creating a marketing strategy?

It can be tough to even know where to begin.

Trust me. I’ve been there.

So I’ve read blog posts, articles, and books. I’ve taken courses. I’ve watched videos. I’ve listened to podcasts. I’ve learned, tested, iterated, and improved upon all of it.

And I’m sharing everything I’ve learned about marketing strategy in this ultimate, comprehensive guide.

Read through the chapters now to:

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Forget the noise surrounding marketing strategy.

So much content tells you what to do, but most of it totally neglects teaching you how to do it. Learn everything from ‘what’ to ‘how’ with the complete, actionable, practical, and realistic advice you’ll find in this comprehensive guide.

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Get real-life, market-tested advice that skyrockets results by as much as 9,360%.

This isn’t your average blog post on marketing strategy… this guide is full of personal anecdotes, tactics, methods, hacks, processes, exercises, and frameworks that have proven to help the team and me grow CoSchedule’s results by nearly 10,000%. Seriously.

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Leave with a marketing strategy you’ll actually—and realistically—execute.

Put what you learn into practice immediately with free downloadable + editable marketing strategy templates in the form of PowerPoint decks and Excel spreadsheets.

When I started at CoSchedule in November 2014, we had a few thousand page views, about the same amount of email subscribers, and a couple thousand customers.

Today, CoSchedule has 250,000+ email subscribers, more than 1.3 million monthly page views, and 9,000+ customers in 100+ countries around the world.

The marketing strategy you’re about to learn has helped me generate 434% more page views, 1,222% more email subscribers, and a whopping 9,360% more marketing-qualified leads.

A lot of that success has to do with marketing an exceptional product. And some of it has to do with creating a marketing strategy that connects with the right target audience.

^^^ I’m sharing everything I know about marketing strategy. And I wish I had found a guide like this when I got started in marketing.

That’s why I’m doing you the favor and giving it to you now.

Marketing Strategy Overview

Some of the advice you’ll learn in this guide may go against everything you’ve learned.

Other parts of it may reiterate what you already know.

The point is: This stuff works. And you’re not going to learn about the same BS things just because everyone else talks about them.

Let’s get started.

Marketing strategy definition:

Marketing strategy is the guide that helps marketers choose, prioritize, plan, and execute projects to influence profitable customer action.

While some document their marketing strategy in the form of a marketing plan, this is not a requirement. Strategic direction doesn’t require documentation.

However, there is evidence to suggest that marketers who document their marketing strategy are more likely to reach their goals. So this guide comes complete with a marketing strategy template kit to help you put what you learn into practice immediately.

Marketing is not about producing content. Marketing is about producing content that produces results.

Marketing strategy provides the roadmap for you and your team to execute well-planned projects you’ll measure against a clearly defined goal.

This process not only helps you target the right audience with the right content and the right level of effort, but helps you literally understand the impact marketing projects have upon the growth of your organization.

^^^ And that growth is what your boss is looking for. Proving you’ve done it with marketing makes you look like a rock star.

Absolutely. This comprehensive + actionable guide exists to help you create a marketing strategy without the assistance of a third-party vendor.

Download the free marketing strategy template kit available within this guide to start immediately.

You will learn the why, what, and how to plan your marketing strategy from scratch.

Get Your Free Marketing Strategy Template Kit

Put what you learn into practice immediately. Download your free marketing strategy template kit now.

You’ll get 10 marketing strategy templates, including:

  1. Marketing strategy outline template
  2. Marketing goal tracking template
  3. SWOT analysis template
  4. Marketing persona template
  5. Brand positioning template
  6. Brand voice template
  7. Marketing tactics list
  8. Project prioritization template
  9. Marketing budget template
  10. Project timeline template
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Download Your Marketing Strategy Template Kit Now

All of these templates are available in an editable PowerPoint deck and an Excel spreadsheet so you can tailor your marketing strategy specifically for your organization.