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Strike Success With Tried & True YouTube Best Practices

Published March 15, 2024
/ Updated May 6, 2024

As the internet’s second largest search engine, it’s important to stand out on YouTube. In this post, you’ll learn data-backed best practices to help maximize reach and engagement with your channel and videos.

Learn how to incorporate these YouTube best practices to optimize performance and reach your goals.

YouTube Is The King Of Video Marketing

Whether creators post long videos or join in on YouTube Shorts, there’s a plethora of ways you can engage with your audience through videos. On YouTube, content ranges from live chats, YouTube Shorts, advertisements, and sponsorships.

Due to its popularity, YouTube brings in a large variety of users. Through Youtube, you can target niche audiences with the amount of heavy traffic it receives every day.

YouTube attracts more than 122 million users daily and roughly 1.5 billion users monthly. Now that is a lot of potential traffic for your channel. Ranked as the most popular video content sharing platform in the world, you can rely on the king of video marketing to amplify reach for any type of video.

Four Techniques To Master YouTube Content Creation

There are four major pillars when perfecting YouTube content creation. Each of these non-negotiables will skyrocket the impact you make on the platform and set you up for success.

Without further adieu, the best practices you’ve been waiting for.

Capture Audience Attention Quickly

YouTube is heavily judged on visual aspects. This means paying attention to the smaller details, such as the titles of your videos, thumbnails, and captions. You only have a few seconds to grab viewers attention and intrigue them enough to keep watching.

Consider content that makes them clock for more. Lead them into upcoming releases, tease a new product, or provide sneak peeks. Anything that plants the cookie crumbs in their path to finding out more.

Red Bull is the prime example of a brand that captures attention on YouTube. Whether it’s their videos from 30,000 feet in the air or cameras taking us along jumps and flips, viewers can’t help but watch.

With such engaging content, Red Bull has no problem pulling people in and making them want to see more.


Promote Your Brand With Strategic Partnerships

Reach new audiencesYouTube by connecting, partnering, and sharing content with like-minded accounts. Consider partnering with similar influencers that bode well with your audience or pursuing sponsorships.

Tapping into different ways to enhance your branding will build brand awareness, credibility, and drive traffic to your channel.

Disney has perfected the art of enhancing their brand.They created a series within their channel about storytimes with fellow celebrities that work for Disney.

This type of extra branding engages their audience to a new level. Viewers can listen to and watch their favorite Disney celebrity read a story!


Build Connections

To create a killer YouTube channel you can call your own, you need to harness the support from fellow creators as well as your target audience. Possibly the most important critique for your YouTube channel are long-lasting connections with other successful accounts as well as your audience as a whole.

Understand what your viewers come to your channel for. Perhaps they come to you for answers, for a good laugh, for upcoming launches/events, or for the history behind your product.

Begin my pinning down what value you can provide to them. Once you know what it is they love about your channel, it’s time to deliver. Publish content that they have been searching for, and before you know it, you’ll have enough support in your corner that will single-handedly fuel your channel.

Take it from ViralHog; they know how to build connections throughout their audience. By including plenty of user-generated content, ViralHog engages their viewers and spikes their interest.

Within this content, ViralHog is able to dig deeper relationships and get to know their audience past surface level information.


Demonstrate Expertise

It’s highly likely that your subscribers look up to you. You are an expert in your field, you’ve expressed your expertise through your crafts and ultimately that’s how you gained followers. Since you stand on a pedestal of authority, it’s crucial to provide your subscribers with direction. This could be weekly recommendations, tags to similar content, or even links to your website or other platforms.

Offer up trustful recommendations, suggestions, and overall direction. If your subscribers will follow you anywhere, take them somewhere they will appreciate!

Purple, a brand for bed mattresses, proved they can give their audience incredible direction. Purple came out with a series that explained the ideal sleep solutions, explaining to their audience the secrets to a good night’s rest and how their mattresses are the missing key to their sleeping issues.


Manage Your YouTube Channel Like A Pro

Ensure your YouTube channel is equipped with everything it needs to succeed. In no time, overseeing your YouTube channel will become second hand nature.

Implement A Content Plan

Before you launch your channel, the best thing you can do is define a content plan. With a content plan you can visualize all of the content you plan to create and share. This includes all types of video content you plan to create and how often you’d like to publish new videos.

CoSchedule’s Social Calendar allows you to pre-plan  your video content, so you can keep your strategy on track.Create, schedule, and promote new videos using your Calendar..  You can add projects for new videos, assign tasks to meet publishing deadlines, and promote new videos across your other social channels using Social Campaigns.

Coschedule calendar


Create a Calendar to see how you can plan your video content using CoSchedule’s Social Calendar.

Nurture Relationships

Take the time and effort to build a community around your channel. Respond to comments, ask for feedback, and show appreciation for your viewers’ support. These efforts encourage viewer loyalty and boost rapport among subscribers.

The strength of your relationships is the base of your channel. Once you build a solid foundation with your audience in mind, your YouTube channel can accomplish anything.

Duolingo stands out on YouTube because of their outstanding brand personality and ability to build and nurture relationships. Duolingo released a cartoon series giving insight about typical societal events in different cultures. It intrigues their audience and more importantly, relates to them.

By showing a more thoughtful, trend forward side to their brand, their audience can feel like Duloingo really knows and understands them.



Leverage The Community Tab

Dig deeper with YouTube’s Community Tab. Share updates, create polls, and interact with your audience within an interactive setting. In the community tab, your subscribers have access to real-time updates and have the ability to connect with you instantly. Knocking down any communication barriers with the click of a button.

Regular use of this feature keeps your audience on their toes and combats dips in engagement when your channel is in between video uploads.

Here’s an example behind the mastermind themselves! YouTube publishes videos showing users how to kickstart their Community Tab and get their audience excited. Use it to announce upcoming launches, future events, or simply get in touch with your subscribers!


5 Brands That Struck Success On YouTube

To get inspired we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 brands on the platform. Gain insight to their strategic moves as well as their strokes of genius.

1. Innocent Drinks

Even from their landing page on YouTube, viewers get an overwhelming sense of their brand personality. Innocent Drinks has mastered the art of humorous content, that is passionate about what they do and the love they have for their audience.

Their content revolves around strong user relationships, including their campaign with “Innocent Big Knit”, a special project including a user’s product of a hand-knit drink koozie to go around Innocent Drinks.


By proving their understanding and respect for their audience, Innocent Drinks increase rapport among their subscribers and attract more customers daily. Who wouldn;’t want to be a part of such a light-hearted, uplifting community?

2. GoPro

More than any account on YouTube, GoPro has mastered the art of grabbing attention. Through over-the-top visuals to adrenaline junkie videos, you can’t help but pause your scrolling to watch.

It’s this eye-catching content that inspires more viewers to purchase Go Pro and send in content to get featured. Go Pro hosts consistent giveaways and contests, so their audience never hits dry spell and can send in as much content as they want.

3. Waterstones

All book lovers can come together and agree on the usefulness of Waterstone’s YouTube channel. From insider interviews with popular authors to renowned book recommendations, their subscribers can’t help but come back for more.

By providing their followers with sought after insight, their subscribers have placed trust in their suggestions. Waterstones can now act as their book tour guide, directing them to their next favorite series or author.


4. Evian

Evian does an exceptional job of enhancing their efforts towards branding. Through limited editions and new launches of Evian Sparkling, they keep their subscribers on their toes.

As they take their branding to another level, Evian has the ability to bring excitement and anticipation to their audience. Now, their subscribers are on the edge of their seat for Evian’s next announcement.


5. Coca-Cola

A widely-known brand such as Coca Cola has a huge voice, as well as influence in their industry. Coca Cola shines a light on cultures across the globe in powerful YouTube Shorts. Building relationships nation-wide, while sharing the love for Coke.

By highlighting cultures, Coca Cola recognizes and emphasizes the diversity that lives throughout their audience and celebrates it!