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Build A Successful YouTube Business Channel In 10 Steps

Published April 3, 2024
/ Updated April 3, 2024


If you have video in your content strategy, YouTube Business channels are a strategic opportunity to grow your marketing strategy.

In this post, you’ll learn how to turn viewers into loyal customers and significantly boost your online presence using YouTube. Master the basics of setting up, optimizing, and maximizing your YouTube Business Channel’s potential.

Purpose Of A YouTube Business Channel

Your YouTube Business Channel is a space to host and promote your video content with your target audience. YouTube is one of the biggest search engines in the world. Pair it with SEO savvy and monetization, and you can level up your strategy with insightful analytics, collaborative features, and custom branding to stand out against the competition.


YouTube Business Channels stand out features designed specifically for businesses. Think custom branding options, robust analytics, and access to YouTube ads—not to mention the ability to collaborate with your team members directly on the platform.

Why should marketers consider YouTube Business channels? This is where your content strategy takes shape, leveraging YouTube’s vast audience to build a resonant brand hub and drive meaningful engagement. With over 2.7 billion people accessing YouTube once a month, it’s a great place to connect with your target audience.

Benefits Of A YouTube Business Channel

A strong presence on YouTube earns you more than subscribers. Here are the top reasons to use YouTube to optimize your SEO efforts, build a solid audience, and streamline engagement.

Increase Your Visibility In Google Searches

Your YouTube Business Channel supports your performance onGoogle’s search engine.

Every video you add can be optimized for SEO. Google pulls YouTube videos into search results, so you can create video content you know your audience is searching for to maximize visibility of your brand.

Keep Your Content Alive

Unlike the short-lived glory of tweet, your YouTube videos can consistently appear in searches on the platform and Google.

When you create evergreen videos, you’re not just hitting publish with limited exposure. you’re launching a marketing asset that helps drive interest, traffic, and engagement.

Build Your Email List

Optimizing your YouTube marketing begins with your email list. Consider it your go-to when prospecting leads. Implement calls-to-action embedded in your videos so you can funnel viewers straight into the heart of your machine: your email list.

With a long, loyal email list you can turn viewers into leads and leads into clients.

Leverage YouTube’s Traffic

YouTube attracts more than 122 million users a day. So how can you leverage this traffic?

A good place to start is your thumbnails. Implement vibrant thumbnails that speak volumes for your company and will interrupt the inevitable scroll.

Entertain users with a bio that resonates and explains your brand to a tee and immerse them in your feed. Filled with videos your audience loves and returns for week after week.

10 Steps To Establish Your Own YouTube Business Channel

Time to jump right in. Use these 10 steps as a framework for developing a successful YouTube business channel.

1. Sign Up For Google Account

Very first step begins with registering for a Google account. Gain access to a multitude of services including email. With your account set up and in place, you’ve opened the door to a multitude of business opportunities.

2. Create Your Channel

With Google accounts in hand, it’s time to create a dedicated space for your brand. Launch your brand new channel, including a profile picture and powerful bio, along with your first piece of content! (Congratulations by the way).

3. Define Your Purpose

Embark on your YouTube journey with a clear mission—whether to educate, entertain, or inspire. Your purpose guides what type of content you release and how often you publish it.

Identifying your target audience is a crucial step to defining your purpose. These elements ensure your videos resonate with your audience day in and day out.

4. Craft Channel Branding

Allow your branding efforts to be a reflection of your unique brand identity. From your logo to your channel’s color palette, create a visual impact that sticks with viewers.

Overall branding consistency is key to making your channel memorable and professional.

5. Set-Up Channel Settings

Attention to detail in your channel settings can make all the difference. Customize your privacy, notifications, and other settings to suit your brand’s needs—think of it as tailoring your channel to your needs.

This includes adding keywords that relate to your brand, implementing advertisements and their scheduling, as well as setting automatic captions for videos. These settings help maintain your channel’s professional image and functionality.

6. Optimize For Searches

Keywords and tags are the secret ingredients to making your content discoverable. Implement them within your channel to enhance visibility and appeal to YouTube’s algorithms.

Strategic use of SEO can turn your channel into a go-to resource for your target audience.

7. Upload First Piece Of Content

Ready, set, film!

Launch your brand into the spotlight with your debut video on YouTube. Your first upload is pivotal—make it count with content that embodies your brand’s message and leaves a lasting impression.

Get the ball rolling and prove to your audience that the content to come will captivate and compel them to see more.

8. Promote Your Channel

Amplify your YouTube Business Channel across all social media platforms. Embed videos on your website leading to your channel, hint to new upcoming videos on your Instagram, and shout them out on Twitter. Exercise these ways to draw visitors from one platform to the next.

Promotion is the lifeblood of visibility—be bold and let your presence be known far and wide.

9. Stay Consistent

Consistent content means everything within the realm of YouTube. Rule of thumb: keep it flowing steadily. Consistency breeds familiarity, fostering a loyal audience that eagerly anticipates your next release.

Establish a rhythm to your uploads and watch as you build reliability between you and your audience.

10. Engage With Your Audience

​​Engagement is the cornerstone of community building on YouTube. Respond to comments, spark conversations, and value viewer feedback.

Your channel is not just a broadcast platform; it’s a dynamic space for interaction and connection with your audience. It’s more than clicking “publish” on a video, you’re here to build relationships and grow your business.

Top-Performing Youtube Business Channels

Say hello to a few of the most successful YouTube business channels on the platform. Depict how they gathered such string followings and why their channel flourishes.


Athleta surrounds there brand around women empowerment, are as they refer to it; #PowerOfShe. Through videos that feature renowned female athletes to “behind the design” clips, women can see how impactful the clothes they put on their body can be.

Their YouTube channel exudes empowerment and lifts up all young girls, female athletes, moms, you name it, to celebrate their bodies and movement in everyday life.


Mr. Beast

Mr. Beast is a famous influencer who has been ruling the YouTube platform for years. With hundreds of millions of views on every single one of his videos, we can’t help but decipher how he keeps his audience entertained.

Hosting contests every week where his fans can win money, not only encourages the fans to interact with videos but it forces them on the edge of their seat t =o see the next contest he comes up with.


Not to mention his eye-grabbing thumbnails:


5 Minute Crafts

Dishing out weekly videos that provide their fans with simple DIY crafts to try at home is exactly what their audience wants to see each week. A family-friendly account attracting all craft goers, everyone can find a video that is helpful to them!

5 Minute Crafts also does an excellent job of solidifying brand awareness with hair bright colors, short videos, easy to digest videos and upbeat music gives them their unique look.



Alerting their audience when upcoming fights will reach their televisions, as well as include videos of full matches for those that missed it, keeps their audience coming back for more. Their subscribers can depend on their dates, times, prices, and all other information, so they know WWE YouTube channel is their go-to for all things in the ring.


Kids Diana Show

Similar to Cocomelon, The Kids Diana Show delivers exciting new episodes to their audience each week. These episodes aim to teach, entertain, and inspire children through brand new adventures to live performances!

There’s never a dull moment within their videos and parents are sure to hear their kids asking to watch new episodes night after night.


Function Of Beauty

Function Of Beauty specializes in bringing customized shampoo and conditioner to your doorstep. Throughout their YouTube channel, users can get a feel just how much they can customize their formula.

Submit their hair type, hair goals, and can even select choices down to the ingredients included in their hair care products. By including How To videos for any type of hair, Function Of Beauty believes everyone deserves a shampoo and conditioner that revives their hair and is truly made for them.