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12 YouTube Shorts Ideas That Cultivate Clicks

Published January 29, 2024
/ Updated May 6, 2024

Expand your reach and target untapped audiences through YouTube Shorts. There’s an abundance of engaging content living in YouTube Shorts, harness this power and discover effective YouTube Short ideas that convert viewers to customers.

1. Repurpose Old Content

Content repurposing is the perfect opportunity to revamp existing content. Take a moment to review past content and see which pens yield the most engagement. Repurposing past content helps their engaging content resurface.

You can refine this content that did so well with your audience in the past and rework it so it keeps its relevance.

This famous family of influencers grasped the perfect opportunity to repurpose an old video of theirs. They went ahead to recreate an old family photo now that the kids were all grown up.

Needless to say, their audience loved it!


2. Film A Behind The Scenes

Give your audience a deeper look into what goes on behind the scenes. You can reach a new level of connection with your audience. Your audience will appreciate the authenticity and risk of adjusting the focus of your content.

This is your chance to express some personality as well, so go all out!

By providing a behind the scenes peek for the movie “Luca”, they were able to promote it and give the audience some more knowledge about the film!


3. Provide A Before & After

Filming a before and after for your viewers allows you to reap numerous benefits. You can take this opportunity to promote a product or service, inform them how to use it, and also how to purchase said product.

Show your audience exactly why they need your product by explaining its effect in a before and after YouTube Short.

A professional esthetician, promotes her product with a successful before and after of one of her clients. She was able to present her audience with real-time benefits, while informing them of the process.


4. Reveal Hacks & Tricks

Think about the challenges, if any, that pop up when using your products. Consider what some users have requested to see or if they have aired out any concerns. Then, you can make a YouTube Short addressing those concerns.

Share your knowledge with your users and teach them hacks and tricks that will make things easier for them. After all, you know your product inside and out, why shouldn’t your users?

An influencer housekeeper spills the professional cleaning hacks everyone should know! Showing her audience in real time how it gets cleaned and informing them of the process drives engagement.


5. Motivate Your Audience

Take a second to inspire your viewers and set the bar high. Show them what new heights they can reach with your product or service, and encourage the sky’s the limit.

Remind your audience you’re in their corner and are always there for questions/support. Begin cultivating a strong relationship with your audience that’ll withstand the test of time.

Take this YouTube short for example where she motivates her audience to deep clean their living spaces. Through her clip, she motivates people to not only enjoy the cleaning but to keep their spaces clean as well.


6. Provide Tutorials

YouTube Shorts are the perfect chance to film tutorials. With its naturally shorter length of a video, it’s easy for viewers to watch short, helpful tutorials.

Making it easy for your audience to stop in, take the information they need while keeping valuable time.

Take it from an expert chef to release a tutorial on how to properly handle knives. He keeps the humor while teaching his audience how to be safe using kitchen knives.

Here we see an influencer showing her audience a tutorial on how to make an easy vegan snack! She goes over steps, ingredients, measurements, you name it! All in a quick clip.


7. Share A Day In Your Life

Show your audience what a day in your life looks like. You can personalize this and make it your own. Whether you use this YouTube short to inform, entertain, or engage is up to you!

Allow your audience to get to know you past just the surface level.

Prime examples of “day in the life” videos come from influencers. Here is one focusing on her productive habits throughout her day.


8. Reveal Your Workspace

Someone’s workspace says a lot about them. Reveal your workspace to your viewers and give them a little tour of where all the magic happens! Without knowing it, you’ll be giving them helpful insight about yourself and the work you conduct.

Not only do you get to show a little bit more of who you are as a worker but you can use it to get organized and tidy up too, just like this person did!


9. Answer FAQs

Make a Youtube Short dedicated to answering all of their burning questions. It proves you listen to your audience and care about resolving their concerns. Always encourage questions as it builds relationships and improves future efforts!

Answering their questions helps you understand your audience more and give you insight as to what they may want to see in the future.

Responding to the audience’s burning questions is the perfect way to drive engagement, especially if you’re John Cena.


10. Share User Generated Content

Include your users! Take their own content that features your products and services and show everyone what it helped them accomplish! Every single one of your users is unique and special, it’s time to shine the spotlight on them!

This proves how your goods and services truly help users, and will urge more people to use your products.

User generated content comes solely from the customer, which can increase trust and engagement throughout the entire audience. For example, here is a user who promoted a skin care product!


11. Make a “How To” Video

Creating a “How To” video is the perfect way to teach users about a specific product or aspect. Help relieve some stress if users have run into some difficulties with a short “How To” clip.

Viewers will appreciate you taking the time to help users use your products more smoothly and effectively!

Take it from an expert chef to release a tutorial on how to properly handle knives. He keeps the humor while teaching his audience how to be safe using kitchen knives.


Dive into any viral trends right now! Tailor it to your type of content and make it your own! Utilizing popular trends helps get your videos on more people’s pages and will actively engage a wider audience.

Again, take this opportunity to express some personality. Have some fun with it and your audience will too.

This YouTube short touches base on fashion trends a year in the past and then covers trends of 2023. Captivating and engaging content for the audience to look back on all things fashion.