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How To Get More LinkedIn Followers and Stimulate Growth

Published February 29, 2024
/ Updated April 17, 2024

LinkedIn is ultimately a powerhouse for the business community. Anyone looking to advance their career meets on this platform to connect, communicate, and collaborate in a professional environment. Interact with small business owners, students, job seekers, you name it.

Consider LinkedIn as your main source of truth when it comes to careers. People hop on LinkedIn to find the perfect job/internship, facilitate professional relationships, and obtain the skills needed for specific roles.

LinkedIn attracts professional foot traffic daily— increase your audience and boost engagement in no time!


Why Businesses Thrive On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is home to millions of professionals, business owners, hard-working employees, students, etc. You won’t find a larger, more trustworthy community than that. By increasing your activity and your following on LinkedIn, you can promote your business to your target audience with one click.

Collaborate with different brands and network like you never thought possible. With so many conversations and connections to be made, LinkedIn provides competitive analysis. So, while marketing for prospects, you can even scope out your competition.

Not to mention, LinkedIn offers a handful of features that support your business efforts, beginning with content creation and going all the way to analysis.

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Key Steps That Propel Engagement On LinkedIn

Expand your audience reach with 5 simple steps that are proven to pull their weight. Each of these steps plays a key role.

Hit the ground running on LinkedIn and say hello to a wider, more responsive audience with the following simple steps.

1. Make Your Profile Stand Out

First things first, ensure your profile grabs the attention of your target audience. Include call-to-action phrases that speak to your viewers. Consider what they want to see, what products they are searching for, and what answers they may need solved.

Then, be that solution for them. Ensure that you have what they need, and make it hard to miss. Take this chance to inject some brand personality. The more personality, the better; in turn, you’ll attract the audience you’ve been waiting for.

2. Consistently Check-In

Once your profile page is live, the next step is to stay present on LinkedIn. A killer profile is no good if you don’t check in to your account and manage activity. The best way to facilitate strong relationships on LinkedIn is consistency.

Prove to your audience you are their rock on this platform. You’ll be there for any question, concern, celebration, you name it. Prioritize a solid presence on the app, and you’ll create a band of loyal followers in no time.

3. Engage With Similar Content

LinkedIn has a massive platform of over 950 million members, processing billions of posts a day. Considering just how much content is on LinkedIn, engaging with content that emphasizes and supports your own is important.

This way, LinkedIn will adjust your algorithm to reflect businesses similar to yours. Even better, the most attentive, approachable audience will come to you.

4. Leverage Post Analytics

You’ve refined your profile, consistently checked in with your audience, and begun engaging with like-minded content. It’s time to tap into LinkedIn’s post analytics. Gain insight into how your content is performing, down to the number. See the number of impressions for any type of published content.

From there, you can gauge which content needs adjustments and which attracts clicks. No more second-guessing, only pursuing content that radiates to the right audience.

5. Analyze Competitors

The last and final step is to analyze your competitors. LinkedIn has made this easy with their Competitor Analysis Tool, where businesses can dig deeper into their competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Not only will you gain a better understanding of what contributes to their success, but you automatically give your business a competitive edge.

Take advantage of their comprehensive profile analysis feature to size up your competition and show your audience why your business is superior.

6. Add A Follow Button To Your Newsletter & Website

Consider embedding a follow button directly into your newsletter and website. When searching for followers and trying to grow your audience, you want to be sure it’s easy to find.

Including a follow button not only acts as an effective call-to-action for viewers but it makes it as easy as possible for prospects to follow your account. If viewers want to follow you, they can do so right then and there.

7. Promote Your Profile On Other Social Media Platforms

If you’re active on several social media accounts, be sure your audience knows about it. This is especially helpful if one of your platforms has a larger following than the rest. You can hop on your most successful account and shout out to other platforms your followers can find you on!

Give your audience access to more content across all platforms, and watch as your following grows.

8. Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups provide a space for professionals in your industry or industries alike to come together and share insight, experiences, and connections. It’s the perfect opportunity to network, build relationships, and blend audiences.

Who knows, maybe you can plan to collaborate with fellow professionals in the future!

9. Create Engaging Graphics To Enhance Your Posts

You only have a few seconds to grab a viewer’s attention, nonetheless motivate them to take action. That’s why creating engaging graphics is so important. Incorporate eye-catching graphics so viewers can’t help themselves but to read on.

Bonus points if you express authenticity and brand personality through your graphics. Remember, a picture speaks a thousand words!

10. Collaborate With Other Pages/Brands

Finally, take the time to collaborate with pages and brands similar to your own. Odds are that you share areas of the same audience as them, so reaching out to connect can mutually benefit both of you.

Double the content, double the audience, double the brain power!

Stay On The Pulse With LinkedIn

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is the central hub for job-seekers and employers. This platform has facilitated a mutually beneficial relationship where people can find their dream job and accomplish their business goals.

LinkedIn strives to enhance job search and recruitment. With features like AI-driven job recommendations and virtual job interviews, the future of LinkedIn provides a streamlined job search process, increases job opportunities, and improves career advancement.

As you learn how to harness a large and loyal following, you can dominate LinkedIn at its’ prime.