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Know The Success Of Your Social Engagement With The Newest Analytics Report In Your *Favorite* Marketing Calendar [New Feature]

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New Feature: Know the Success of Your Social Engagement

Data proves the ROI of the work you do.

But the tedious process of gathering, analyzing, and reporting is so time-consuming that sometimes you just can’t do it all.

With Social Analytics in your favorite marketing calendar, you’ll:

  • Know what’s working (and what’s not)
  • Prove your ROI to your boss/clients (and yourself)
  • Easily spot trends to understand what your audience likes
  • Compare your performance across your networks all in one convenient place

You’re about to eliminate the tedious process of gathering, analyzing, and reporting on your analytics.


Prove the ROI of the Work You Do

Measure The Success Of Every Social Media Message You Share

Here’s what marketers just like you told us when we started researching social engagement analytics:

  • “I want to review performance of specific posts.”
  • “I would use social engagement analytics to decide what content to re-share and decide what to write more of.”
  • “I would use social analytics to track what content is working… to know what content to continue sharing.”

We took that feedback very seriously. Now CoSchedule tracks the stats of the individual social media messages you send so you don’t have to.

And that will help you measure the success of your social messages so you can re-share your most engaging content (and improve future messages).

You can see your individual social message data two different—and extremely useful—ways in CoSchedule.

First, simply look at your sent messages on your stand-alone social campaigns, content with social campaigns, and WordPress blog posts with social campaigns. You’ll see the engagement of the social campaign as a whole, and the engagement of your individual social messages.


This view is awesome for understanding the performance of a campaign as a whole and its associated social media messages.

Second, you can view your top messages in your Social Engagement Report, the newest report in your Analytics feature available for Advanced calendar users. Here, you can find trends among your best-performing messages and even filter those messages by network for a deeper understanding.


The Top Messages functionality in your Social Engagement Report intelligently analyzes shares, comments, and likes to quickly show you your best-performing messages on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

PROVE The ROI Of The Work You Do!

The proof is in the numbers, and now you can easily prove your value to your boss/clients (and yourself). Never question the results of your hard work!

Your Social Engagement Report helps you prove your ROI by social network, account, and right down to the specific message.

Circle charts showing social engagement

Plus, you can always prove your success with your Top Content Report by seeing a complete list of your best-performing content according to social engagement.


Understand Your Engagement On Social Media

Spot trends with your content and social networks without the time-suck—and stress. Understand what your audience likes now to act quickly!

Marketers like you also told us…

  • “I want to optimize mid-campaign content by looking at performance of content related to a single campaign.”
  • “I would use it to change the social sharing depending on what content does well on what network.”

So use your Social Engagement Report to easily see the performance of your social media strategy as a whole. Then filter by keyword, date, and content to get as specific as you need to really understand your engagement.


Know What’s Working (And What’s Not)

Easily see and compare your performance across your social networks in one convenient place.


Use your Social Engagement Report to drill into the specifics:

  • Want to know if one of your Twitter handles is getting more engagement than another handle? Done.
  • Want to compare your Facebook messages to one another to know which ones got more engagement? Do it in CoSchedule.
  • Want to know if a certain piece of content is performing better on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest? Easy.

See social engagement across channels easily

Easily learn from your results to re-share what works and improve your upcoming campaigns.

This Is Only The Beginning Of Powerful Analytics Reports To Help You Prove Your Success

Social Analytics in CoSchedule includes:

  1. Shares from around the web to help you understand how much your audience has shared your content.
  2. Basic social engagement metrics in your stand-alone social campaigns, and your social campaigns for content and blog posts, that will help you know the success of your content as a whole and the performance of individual social media messages.
  3. Advanced Social Engagement Report in your Analytics feature to help you easily prove the ROI of the work you do (available for Advanced calendar users).

…but this is only the beginning for the Analytics feature in your favorite marketing calendar.

The Top Content Report and Social Engagement Report are just the first two of many reports to come in your Analytics feature.

Here are a few other reports we’re planning to build for Analytics:

  • Team Performance Report (on deck!)
  • Published Content Performance Report
  • Weekly Activity Summary

Plus, in addition to Analytics, you’re getting a new UX, ReQueue, and Instagram scheduling really, really soon. It’s a fun time to be a CoSchedule user. ;)

Get started now with your Social Engagement Report in your favorite marketing calendar (available for Advanced users)!

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