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Schedule Instagram Posts Alongside Everything Else With CoSchedule! [New Feature]

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New Feature: Schedule Instagram Posts Alongside Everything Else With CoSchedule

With its 500 million active users, Instagram can help you reach your audience in a social network they already love.

But… the in-the-moment nature of posting to Instagram makes it difficult for marketers to strategically capture the opportunity.

With CoSchedule for Instagram, the newest feature in your favorite marketing calendar, you’ll go from spontaneous to strategic. That means you’ll quit forgetting to post on Instagram!

Now you’ll post to Instagram automatically, schedule your Instagram content where you plan everything else, and collaborate with your team better than ever.

Start scheduling to Instagram with CoSchedule now!


Quit Forgetting To Post On Instagram Already!

Get notified on your phone when it’s time to post so you don’t miss out on consistently reaching your followers.

Begin by scheduling Instagram posts in your CoSchedule calendar where you organize everything else.

Screenshot of a scheduled Instagram post

Then rock the all-new CoSchedule for Instagram app on your mobile device, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Your scheduled content will post automatically through the Instagram integration so you never forget to post again.


Now you’ll proactively schedule your Instagram content so you quit forgetting to post on Instagram!

Post To Instagram With A Few Easy Clicks

Eliminate copying and pasting your messages by using the tool designed to do it for you!

Get content from your CoSchedule calendar into Instagram with an easier process than ever before.

The CoSchedule for Instagram mobile app not only reminds you when it’s time to post. It posts automatically — just set it and forget it!


You can also post, reschedule, or delete missed messages in seconds.


Plan your content and get it into Instagram easily with CoSchedule!

Schedule Instagram Alongside Everything Else

Consolidate your toolset! Easily schedule Instagram messages (even for multiple accounts) where you manage all of your social media posts and other content in CoSchedule.

You can now schedule Instagram-specific campaigns all in one place.

Screenshot of Instagram scheduling in CoSchedule

And you can include Instagram messages as one network of many for your social media campaigns!

Second screenshot of Instagram scheduling

Plus, you can manage content for multiple Instagram accounts with one calendar.

That gets you organized while you consolidate your toolset.

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts in CoSchedule

Have multiple CoSchedule calendars? You can still easily manage all of your Instagram accounts with one CoSchedule for Instagram mobile app.

Schedule Instagram posts from multiple calendars

Manage all of your social media scheduling in one place!

Go From Spontaneous To Strategic

Get a real return from a planned posting schedule. Schedule your Instagram messages in advance to post truly Insta-worthy content at the best times for engagement.

Plan Instagram projects with Social Campaigns to organize messages in one place. Streamline your process and take the tedious work out of posting to Instagram!

Setting up Instagram campaigns in CoSchedule

Now you’ll plan what you’ll post in advance on a calendar designed to help you manage your entire social media schedule. View previews of how your messages will appear on Instagram, and see your complete posting plan.

You’ll eliminate the stress behind the in-the-moment nature of posting to Instagram!

Schedule Instagram posts stress-free alongside other social messages

Plus, you can eliminate the guesswork of determining when to post with Best Time Scheduling. You’ll automatically schedule messages at the highest active time for Instagram to increase your reach!

Collaborate Better Than Ever On Instagram Projects

Empower your team to work together more effectively with easy, customizable workflows and communication (without the overwhelming email strings).

Planning multiple Instagram campaigns? Manage your process more efficiently with customizable task templates in CoSchedule.

Easily assign tasks (complete with due dates) to team members to make sure your Instagram projects get done on time, every time!

Instagram collaboration features in CoSchedule

Your discussion for the project lives in CoSchedule for everyone to see, eliminating missed emails and miscommunication!

Discuss Instagram projects with your team.

Start Scheduling Your Instagram Content Where You Organize Everything Else!

Scheduling to Instagram is available on all new CoSchedule calendars.

The CoSchedule for Instagram mobile app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

So start scheduling to Instagram now!

Plus, in addition to Instagram, these seven amazing new features just launched in your favorite marketing calendar over the past few months:

  1. Social Analytics: Measure the success of your social messages and prove the ROI of the work you do!
  2. A New User Experience: Organize your content—and your team—more efficiently than ever.
  3. ReQueue: Automatically reuse your best social messages (without the manual busywork).
  4. Social Tagging: Tag any Facebook Page or Twitter handle without jumping from one social network to the next.
  5. Social Video: Manage, schedule, and share all of your social media videos in one place.
  6. Social Campaigns: Organize and create a series of social messages (in one project) to drip out days, weeks, and even months after publish.
  7. Social Templates: Schedule messages in bulk (and remove the tedious process of manual scheduling).

^ Now that’s a lot of organization! And there’s a lot more in store for you when you rock CoSchedule as your social media and marketing calendar.

Start now with a 14-day free trial of the world’s #1 best-selling marketing editorial calendar!


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