How to Scheduled and Measure Instagram Posts With One Easy Tool

How To Schedule And Measure Instagram Posts In One Place 70


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How to Schedule and Measure Instagram Posts With One Easy Tool

You did it again. You forgot to schedule posts to Instagram. Instagram is a great platform for marketers to share eye-catching visuals, but it’s easily forgotten about in a marketing strategy.

There’s so many tools out there to help you with Instagram scheduling or checking your Instagram performance.

But why use multiple tools when you can use just one?

That’s why we’ve created Instagram Scheduling.

Consolidate your toolset! CoSchedule is your all-in-one marketing tool, and that includes Instagram scheduling. With CoSchedule for Instagram you’ll go from spontaneous to strategic. That means you’ll quit forgetting to post on Instagram.

Schedule And Measure Your Instagram Posts In One Place

Scheduling to Instagram is available on all new CoSchedule calendars.

Your new favorite Instagram scheduling app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. When using the app, you’ll get notified on your phone when it’s time to post so you don’t miss out on consistently reaching your followers.

Begin by scheduling Instagram posts in your CoSchedule calendar where you organize everything else.


Once you’ve scheduled your desired Instagram posts into CoSchedule, you’ll then use the CoSchedule for Instagram app on your mobile device.

With the app, you’ll receive push notification reminders when you’ve scheduled messages for Instagram. Your reminders come with a beautiful preview, so you’ll know exactly what you’re posting at a glance.

Get notified so you quit forgetting to post.

 Post To Instagram With A Few Easy Clicks

Eliminate copying and pasting your messages by using the tool designed to do it for you.

Get content from your CoSchedule calendar into Instagram with an easier process than ever before.

The CoSchedule for Instagram mobile app not only reminds you when it’s time to post. It gives you the content you’ve planned so you can share directly to Instagram with a few easy clicks.

Post on Instagram with a few easy clicks
To begin, create a new social message. When the New Social Message window opens, choose your Instagram account(s) that you would like to schedule messages for. You can create either an Image or Video-type social message.

Creating a new social post for Instagram

After you schedule your messages, go to the CoSchedule app on your phone. You will see all of the scheduled Instagram social messages on your calendar start to show up in the Scheduled page. You will receive a push notification from your phone when the scheduled time is reached. If you have missed any of your messages, they will show up in the Missed page.

Scheduled Versus Missed Posts

You can post, reschedule, or delete missed messages in seconds. If you’d like to change the scheduled date or delete any of your messages, click on the Options button in the top-right corner.

Select options in the upper right

When you’re ready to publish to Instagram, click on the message you’d like to publish. Then click Post Now to Instagram. When the image is added to Instagram, CoSchedule will automatically copy the text of your message to your clipboard.

Post now to Instagram

Wallah! Plan your content and get it into Instagram easily with CoSchedule.

Go From Spontaneous To Strategic

Get a real return from a planned posting schedule. Schedule your Instagram messages in advance to post truly Insta-worthy content at the best times for engagement.

Plan Instagram projects with Social Campaigns to organize messages in one place. Streamline your process and take the tedious work out of posting to Instagram.

By using social campaigns for Instagram, you can include your Instagram posts alongside the rest of a broader social media campaign. It really is all in one place!


Now you’ll plan what you’ll post in advance on a calendar designed to help you manage your entire social media schedule. View previews of how your messages will appear on Instagram, and see your complete posting plan.

Plus, you can eliminate the guesswork of determining when to post with Best Time Scheduling. You’ll automatically schedule messages at the highest active time for Instagram to increase your reach.

Track Your Instagram Performance With Built-In Analytics

CoSchedule really is your all-in-one Instagram scheduling tool. Let CoSchedule measure your social media engagement for you.

With Social Analytics in CoSchedule you’ll:

  • Know what’s working (and what’s not)
  • Prove your ROI to your boss/clients (and yourself)
  • Easily spot trends to understand what your audience likes
  • Compare your performance across your networks all in one convenient place

To check you Instagram analytics, simply locate your CoSchedule dashboard and click Analytics.

Analytics dashboard in CoSchedule

From there, you can see an overview of your overall Instagram engagement. You can select specific dates to fine-tune your analytics. This overview will show you how well your messages, engagements, and engagement rates are performing.

Measure Instagram post performance in CoSchedule

If you really want to dig deeper, you can see your top performing content along with a Social Engagement Report. You can view your top messages in your Social Engagement Report, the newest report in your Analytics feature available for Advanced calendar users.

Instagram social media engagement report

Here, you can find trends among your best-performing Instagram messages and even filter other messages by network for a deeper understanding.

Trends for best performing posts on Instagram

By looking at these engagement reports, you’ll get a better understanding of what’s working and what’s not for your Instagram account. You’ll be able to constantly improve your Instagram marketing and not to mention, you’ll be able to do it all in one place!

Start Scheduling And Measuring Instagram Today

Now you’ll post to Instagram with a few easy clicks, schedule your Instagram content where you plan everything else, and track the performance of each Instagram post.

This means you’ll be saving time, posting more consistently, and knowing what is and isn’t performing.

So start scheduling to Instagram now. Start a free 14-day trial of CoSchedule and get access to more new features!


About the Author

Halle is the social media intern at CoSchedule. She likes community management, scheduling social messages (with CoSchedule, of course), and music.

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Did you know organized marketers are 397% more likely to report success?

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Start your 14-day trial to get organized with CoSchedule today.

Did you know organized marketers are 397% more likely to report success?

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